PWM Fan header parameters

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Khadas official images,

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Please tell me the parameters of the PWM FAN connector on VIM4? Interested in pinout, voltage and maximum current (mA).
I’m going to create a custom case for the VIM4 and I’m looking for a fan that can be controlled from the OS but is quiet and powerful enough.

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Hello @isdennu

Please check here: - Index of /products/add-ons/fan/

Thanks a lot for the link.
The documentation says the following:
Cosuming Current Nominal 0.150A
Max. 0.163A
Cosuming Power Nominal 0.750A
Max. 0.815A
(probably a typo and should be like this:
Cosuming Power Nominal 0.750W
Max. 0.815W).

I also have a question that I will clarify: can I connect a VIM4 fan to a standard connector that consumes up to 0.26A (or 1.3W)?

Hello @isdennu

@Totti will help you about this.

Hi Isdennu,

The power for the fan is enough;
But the connector of fan was a 0.8 pitch of JST; The Model NO. is BM04B-SURS-TF; As the datasheet show:

Hope this can help you!

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