Project Update - Robot Girl Chatbot

Hello Everyone

I am posting another update.

Recently, I upgraded the chatbot to be quite good.
Now you can have a realistic talk with the robot girl. It can understand complex stories and reply in a smart way. here are two videos showing the software and chatbot.

Previously the chatbot was an AIML chatbot and this is a scripted chatbot and all responses are pre-written. The new chatbot uses Transformer neural networks which are the best right now for natural language generation.


@K_W11 Looks good. Is your speech recognition through the NPU? or through the cloud?

Initially, I tried to use AIML which is just a bunch of text that is already written. It ran fast on CPU.

Now I are using transformer models, and have to buy the API calls from another company. This is because the models are very very big. I might want to play around with transformer models on my own computer.