Project update - robot cat girl

Hello Everyone

I am updating the project for the robot cat girl.
A video was filmed and edited to show the basic movement capabilities:

The project uses the VIM3 as the brains of the robot in order to control the movement shown in the video. I hope to do another video showing the software functions later.

Thanks - KW


@K_W11 Looking forward to seeing her stand up :wink:

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im same wait this moment! but anyway if she will stay always in this position same not bad ;-))))

Thank you.

This small robot was designed just for crawling and not for walking.
I do have a larger robot that is designed for walking (picture below)
Sigh, I really need to make some good movement algorithms work. but it is not easy. Currently I am trying to get a good chatbot working.

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@K_W11 Does it support voice interaction?