Project - Robot Cat Girl - Lilium

Hello Everyone.

This is my submission to the 1st community competition, and I would like to introduce an advanced Robot Cat Girl:

Name: Lily Micro (model 7)
Height: 100cm
Weight: 5kg

I have been building humanoid robots starting in 2020 and have a total of 7 prototype bodies that have been built. This is the newest body updated in 2022. One of the Key parts of the robot is the Brain, and the Khadas VIM3 is an excellent SBC for the brain as it is powerful, lightweight, and energy efficient. The arms and legs have 5-6 motors each and can move in a wide range of motion. There are soft skin parts for the face and body. The head has dual camera system with speakers and microphone.

This is an introduction post, and I have attached lots of pictures for you to look at. I also have a website at featuring our larger robot as well. I plan to make more posts detailing the different parts of the robot. The future plan of the robot is to finish putting together some good software. I am actually having a hard time making the robot act cute and having good human interactions.

Any feedback / Suggestions are welcome.
Thank You


@K_W11 I love your work, do you have a video, Iā€™m looking forward to seeing it in action :crazy_face:

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Thanks, I appreciate the encouragement.

Also, thank you for helping to develop the python ksnn library, as all my code is written in python (the brain has to do many different things), and the ksnn library was easy to integrate in.

I will do another post next week about the software, and maybe try to film a video.

@K_W11 Thank you for using KSNN to develop your software, any suggestion or experience is welcome, it will help us to optimize it