Problems with keymapping

Hi guys,
I usually play a lot of games and my usage of the VIM3 is no exception. But many games are not responding to keyboard input. Is there any good keymapping app in the playstore ?
Please link them if you know any.

Yes there are some Like
Free Versions
Octopus - Gamepad, Mouse, Keyboard Keymapper
ShootingPlus V3

Paid Version
Panda Gamepad Pro (BETA)
Panda Keymapper 64bit - Gamepad,mouse,keyboard

But some games have banned usage of such app, Like PUBG banned Octopus usage as well as users. I have tried Panda Gamepad when it was free, Octopus and Shooting Plus, they all worked at the time I tested. Last week when I tried octopus with PUBG then it didnt allow me to launch as it was banned.

Do write in detail once you give these a try.


I have followed the official guide of panda gamepad pro apk installation. But it is not working. How do I fix?

None of the keymappers I used except octopus worked well…

I went on to try to see if I could use ADB commands to assign screen taps to keyboard inputs, but at the End it was wayyy to complicated…

Octopus works well with many games, which one do you want to play exactly ?

I have download kinemaster mod apk, But it is not working, how to use it?

I am not sure, that is more of an Android app question,
you will need to ask the app developer, unless you have problems on the device…
are not able to download an app or something ?

You’re probably setting everything up the right way. If you’re trying to use mouse and keyboard for Android games, a lot of developers don’t allow it unless you use their emulator on pc. Ive seen a few setups on Amazon with m&k wired to a Bluetooth device that games recognize. Havent tried any of them. I use ps4 controller for codm and downloaded keyboard helper pro. Didn’t cost much and I was able to remap my ps4 buttons. Aiming at someone while you’re trying to slide jump and shoot is impossible unless you play claw on controller. Now I can aim, slide, jump, and shoot without having to move my fingers. Massive difference!