Problem with the USB port

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?

A Vim4 under Ubuntu

Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

`I use the official Khadas image

Please describe your issue below:

I have a question about the USB ports on the Vim4. For a while I used an industrial camera on the vim4 (under ubuntu), which was supposed to work on USB 3.0 but I don’t know why the port didn’t recognise the camera, on the other hand the camera worked on the USB2.0 port which surprised me at the time but as it worked it was fine with me. The camera I use recently underwent some minor modifications and since then it’s been impossible for the Vim4 to recognise it, whereas the new camera works on my computer running both Windows and Linux. So my question is, do the USB ports on the Vim4 not recognise certain types of USB connection and if so, which ones?
(I’ve also tried connecting the camera to a USB HUB plugged into the Vim4 and the camera doesn’t work, but it is detected).

Before and after plugging it in

$sudo dmesg | grep USB

You should see the device being recogized then removed.

Might be better off to get rid of that camera and buy a new one. If its flaky now, it will only get worse. You did not say what happened to the camera, settings??

The old camera I used on the USB2 port and then they modified the FPGA of the camera which now only works on the USB3 port.

But I tried to use the camera on others vim4 thinking that my USB port might have a problem and it still didn’t work, until I tried to use the camera on the vim4 NPU and the USB3 port worked without a problem. I therefore think that the USB3 port on the basic vim4 has a problem with certain devices.