Problem in U-boot image update via USB


I have problem flashing bl2 image to my VIM3 Pro device by following this link.

Actually, I created the topic in VIM3 category like this, I’m creating another one under Technical Support.

I’m currently using update.exe windows tool to updating bl2 bin image to my VIM3 device because I had the same problem in Ubuntu running over VirtualBox. It continuously fails at the Step 4.

Question 1) What is possible reason that the device disconnects the USB and power cycle whenever I execute ‘update run’ command?

Question 2) Is there any other workaround to flashing U-boot image via USB burning tool with packed image using the image packer? (USB Burning Tool for Windows is working fine now)

The steps what I took:
Step 1:
Makes the device enters the upgrade mode by pressing & holding the power key with short pressing the reset key. (USB Burning tool detects the device at this point)

Step 2:
C:\Users\aerop\Linux\android11>update write u-boot_kvim3_noab.bin 0xfffa0000 0x10000

Transfer Complete! total size is 65536 Bytes

Step 3:
C:\Users\aerop\Linux\android11>update run 0xfffa0000
[update]:Run at Addr fffa0000

<USB disconnection sound beeps here!>

Step 4:
C:\Users\aerop\Linux\android11>update bl2_boot u-boot_kvim3_noab.bin
[update]:No [WorldCup Device] device after scan
[update]ERR(L1094):can not find device