Preparing own image

I’d like to prepare own image for Khadas VIM1. In particular, I’d like to:
a) firstly, install operating system on khadas VIM1 (using,
b) then, manually add some packages,
c) finally, prepare an image (containing installed packages).
Then, I’d like to install prepared image on other Khadas VIM1 devices. How can I do it?

Kindly use krescue. It will help you with taking the image of ur existing os with the packages you have installed.

And using the img you can restore it back using krescue only.

Hope this answers your question…


Thank you for reply.

Yes its simple way
But if u have some programmers skills u can make simple project which generate kresq images for any OS

We can share info about this way latter if somebody have interest - now its on testing state