preguntas antes de comprar khadas edge-v

hi, i want to do a project, and i would like to know if khadas edge-v is what i need.
I have an android console JXD s192 with 32-bit soc tegra k1, (photo attached) but I’m stuck in android 4.4 kitkat, I wanted to replace the motherboard with the khadas edge-v, and here are my doubts:

1- I want to put an hdmi controller board to the original screen, which is 1920x1200, the rk3399 can run for example the ps2 or dolphin emulator. Or will I have to switch to a 1280x800 screen for it to work fine?

2- I want to connect a battery between 10000mha o 15000mha, where I could get that battery, since the one of the jxd s192 is 3.7v.
android read the battery percentage?

3- I want to cut the motherboard of a controller in half, add it and connect it via USB, the best I can think of is a ps2 controller with a USB adapter, will it work?
or if someone knows of something better to tell me, (I accept suggestions)

4- I would like to install android in ssd nvme, and not use emmc, is it possible?

5- if the power button is pressed, it goes into sleep mode ?, and if it is left pressed it enters the shutdown options? and is turned off by software?
Or on the contrary, if the power button is pressed, the current is cut off?61QyhorjfKL.AC_SX466

@Danny.69 welcome to the community

I like your project, its quite ambitious :slightly_smiling_face:

the Edge-v has a battery connector on the back that is only for the Juice board, its circuitry is only suitable for the battery provided by khadas, any other battery chemistry could potentially fail the cell or cause damage

this can’t be done, as Android is bootable only by eMMC, you can use the SSD as an external storage device that is tightly coupled with the android system.

the software allows you to either shutdown the system, or make it sleep, its software configurable.

I offer you a more seamless solution, the Khadas Kap case, which is an all in one screen, battery and mini controller setup:


you can get it here
you just need to buy the Captain board, Edge SoM, TS050 screen and battery separately, you can configure the SoM from the selections given,

you also need the Edge heatsink and cooling fan

the total quote for all of these things comes to around ~320$ (excluding shipping)

you can decide between it yourself


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Thanks for answering, but I want the JXD S192 case, it has the perfect ergonomics.
So it is not possible to put another battery, other than the khadas 2000mah?
and would you know if the graphic power of the RK3399 could emulate ps2 or dolphin at 1920x1200?

It could probably achieve it, but I can’t quote any performance numbers.
you can search it from online performance benchmarks.