Pre-order EDGE-V-M (RK3399)

Good. Now we’ll have to coordinate with the @Gouwa .

I just noticed that the available case for Khadas not suited to EDGE-V, and not yet the available options for order this case. I hope that Khadas will develop and release such a case for EDGE-V in the future and then you will be able to get it (for free).

I think the existing DIY case will fit Edge V with small mod. Remove enough material for the extra USB-C port.

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Correctly. Thanks. :slight_smile:
I remembered on the forum were even photos of how to do it. If @jeanrhum is satisfied with this option, can include existing case.

Hello Lucky individuals in our midst. As I have Edge and accessories forthcoming, I am offering up the Edge package prize balbes150 has so generously offered.
For the lucky individual who takes ahold of the opportunity, please inform @balbes150 of your intentions.
Cheers, RDFTKV.


The DIY case will be nice if only a few modifications are needed.
Thanks again.


Have a look here for an example of the DIY case mod.


I received an e-mail request from the user (he has problems with authorization on the forum). If @RDFTKV does not mind, I offer the second set to send it. :slight_smile:


I do not mind. Please do. :slightly_smiling_face:



Interested in the Basic EDGE-V-Mini + heatsink + fan + case(red middle) + power supply(EU) + remote control, no HDMI cable needed.
If casing with USB-C port opening is available before shipment, it will help a lot, otherwise I will make another DIY plan.
For the remote, maybe a different one with power off support or airmouse that can power off, I can give extra if needed. Will discuss later but before shipping.
Hope Gouwa can also help with different shipping options later.

This sounds interesting with all the components together to function similar as a tv box with added support and mainline Linux support which normally doesn’t exist for ordinary tv boxes. We will just need Android Pie also in future :slight_smile: then it will be almost perfect.

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@tsangyoujun keep tracking on this topic and feedback to R & D team.

Good day!


Results. :slight_smile:
Please confirm or clarify this information.

  1. @jeanrhum existing model EDGE-V Pro (4GB RAM, 32GB eMMC) + heatsink + fan + power supply (with cable) (EU) + case (existing model for VIM\VIM2) + remote control.
  2. @mo123 existing model EDGE-V Basic (2GB RAM, 16GB eMMC) + heatsink + fan + power supply (with cable) (EU) + case(red middle) (existing model for VIM\VIM2) + + remote control. Additional agreement on the method of sending is required (details can be discussed in PM @tsangyoujun ).
  3. @martyanov existing model EDGE-V Basic (2GB RAM, 16GB eMMC) + heatsink

I propose this order. These users place an order with the specified components and their delivery details, through the store (the store option will inform @tsangyoujun ). I agree with @tsangyoujun the payment for these orders. After receiving the equipment , @tsangyoujun will arrange the shipment. If there are refinements or additions please write in this topic or PM me.

I confirm this information.
I looked at the shop and add all the items, but when looking at my cart, I can only continue by clicking on check out with paypal. So I suppose I have to click on it, then put my delivery details when asked, but do not validate the payment at this moment.

I have the possibility to add a note on the order. Should I reference this thread and my username in a note so that @tsangyoujun will easily find the order?

Do not rush, you have to wait for an answer from @tsangyoujun , how to arrange everything. :slight_smile:

Ok, no problem I will wait :slightly_smiling_face:. It was just to have a look at the procedure to follow.

Change on user request

  1. @martyanov existing model EDGE-V Pro (4GB RAM, 32GB eMMC) + heatsink

Hey guys, sure!

Just let us know the package contents and we can arrange delivery via the courier of your choice.

You Jun


Tomorrow I will try to contact you at PM to discuss the details. :slight_smile:

Hi, balbes150 !
Please, include me in the list of buyers of 1 Edge -V Pro with 4Gb, 32Gb eMMC+heatsink+ cooling fan+tone board.:slight_smile: What is required from me?

May I sign up for EDGE-V Pro? :slight_smile:

Kit for 99 not yet available (will be granted to those who first reacted to this information). :slight_smile:
You can place an order on a General basis. Or wait for the release of new options.