Power to GPIO cuts off data

Hello. I have read that powering the Tone Board from the GPIO pins will not interfere with data arriving via the USB connector, but my set up does not work. I have a USB cable that I opened up to supply a separate power source to the DAC. Everything work fine from the USB cable to my computer, but if I power the dac from the GPIO pins, while connected to my computer, the signal is cut off. Coaxial input is working normal with the separate power supply, so nothing is wrong with the connection to the pins.

What device do you use to power the GPIO ?, Are you giving the correct voltage to the correct pin ?

Hello, There is a logic for it. Have a look here.

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as I understand from what is written in the post number 1, coax works, but there is no usb, according to the same scheme, are there any thoughts?

Probably is just that switching logic as RDFTKV said,

as I understand it, he applied power to the DAC, and the switching itself works in the DAC itself

Yes, exactly that what he told in that post,

so why does switching fail?

I am not sure, I am a getting confused myself :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I build a 5 volt linear power supply that I connected to the GPIO pins. It works great. It looks like I will need a switch to simplify this situation. I don’t use the computer very much because I have few music files. Mostly CD’s. I opened up a USB cable to eliminate the computer power source, this allows me to power the dac from either location. Thanks again for the advice.

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