Power on Khadas Edge2 without Type-C PD port

Hi, I’m trying to make tablet pc using Khadas Edge2, so I have a few questions :

Is there any way to supply power voltage to Khadas Edge2 through solder pads?

If not, is it okay to supply ONLY DC 15V voltage to Type-C PD port?

According to schematic PDF, it seems removing Type-C PD port and supplying 4V~21V voltage through soldered wires looks fine. But it takes very high risk just like destroying Edge2 board, because it is not a normal way to supply power to board.

I’m not sure of the success that what I’m trying to.


DC 15V will be OK; The best input range is 5.5V~20V;

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I don’t know how much power your Edge2 consumes overall(with some devices I don’t know).
If your Edge2 doesn’t consume much power overall and the power supply voltage is between 15V and 20V, you can try powering the Edge2 from the FPC connector of the DSI LCD.
The POWER Signal is VBUS_TYPEC; There are 5PINs,and 0.5A per PIN;
Hope this can help you!


The power supply board what I’m trying to use to power on Khadas Edge2 can supply Max 30W(15V 2A) power. The solution that you suggest seems very suitable to my project.

Thank you so much for the reply!

Interesting idea. I too am looking into this but using 12VDC. I posted elsewhere but will you be using the built in KXTJ3-1057? If so, are you working with Android?

Will not use directly. I’ll use Khadas Edge2 as mobile tablet, so I don’t need any gravity sensor data to build my project.

However, Android 12 which provided by OOWOW system is user debug build. That means default android on Khadas Edge2 recognizes built in sensor or port like LED, PWM cooling fan or others.

So I think the gravity sensor that you mentioned may fully work and recognize on default android.

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That is good to know. The reason I am asking is most tablets have accelerometer, gyro and compass. If you could throw on AIDA64 or CPU-Z that would be great. That is if you are running Android since you didn’t mention if you were or not.