Power Input from Car fuse box to USB-C

I want to use VIM3 Pro in car. Idea is to use the power from the fuse box of the car (12V/3A) and then solder the wires on to USB-C connector inputs. Is this safe to do or is there an another option to power VIM3 Pro device?

Hello, You can use the VIN connector to power the VIM3. The VIM3 can have up to 20 volts input to the USB-C and VIN connector. Cars are generally more than 12 volts, but should still be OK. See item labeled as 1 in the following picture…

@Zeesh If you use the VIN connector, the same voltage you apply to it will be present in the USB-C port. If you use the VIN connector, best not to connect anything to the USB-C port.

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@RDFTKV I am worried about if VIN Connector can handle the current of 2-3 A as the wires are very thin that I got from the shops. Also there is no documentation if VIN connector can handle 12V/(2-3A) or can be used as an alternative power source.

It is listed as system power input in the specs. The schematic shows part number 78171-0004. Depending on my interpretation of this Molex PDF, the connector can handle between 1.5 and 3 amps. If so, that should be adequate unless you plan on many USB connected devices or high current USB peripherals.
To add, see this shop page for the VIN to VIN connector, it states, “This cable is meant to convey electrical power from Power-Over-Ethernet on the M2X Extension Board, to a VIM3 or 3L SBC. It works by connecting the VIN port on the M2X Extension to the VIN port on the VIM3 or 3L SBC”.

Perhaps @goenjoy or @tsangyoujun can clarify.

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At 12V, assuming you don’t have too many peripherals, a bare minimum of 1A is enough to power the VIM3, that was basically the reason USB-C PD was implemented… so that we could transfer power at substantially higher voltage to reduce the current it needs to be sent at…

you can check those docs @RDFTKV has given, they show that the connector supports a voltage up to 50v and a current of 1A when using a 30AWG wire…, but I don’t know what is the wire gauge on the VIN cables…