Power consumption

Hi Team,
Does anyone know what is the lowest power consumption of the vim 3
I am trying to build a portable device and need to know the battery capacity required to do so

Hello, According to my USB volt/current tool(Mantistek White Tail), the VIM3 idles at about .33A. When the VIM3 sleeps, current falls below the tools ability to display it.
NOTE: Test was conducted using the Khadas standard 10 watt USB power supply connected with the Khadas USB-C to USB A cable.
The VIM3 can use the Khadas 24 watt PD power supply. I do not have a USB-C volt/current tester, so how this might effect VIM3 current consumption, I cannot say.


Thank you for the given answer and included data :smile:
I have 2 more questions as follow up…
-> Was that including keyboard mouse peripherals ?

->What is the power consumption of a light workload (say a few webpages and a text editor or python software programming) ?

Yes, test was with a USB hub(nonpowered). Connected to the hub was a wired keyboard, trackball and wireless KB/Mouse dongle.
I will check under loads you listed, but it will be tonight before I get to the VIM3.
Same setup as above. Android Pie. CPU Temp app running as widget on all tests. WiFi was on, but Eth connected to network. Note: With WiFi off, current drops by by ~.10A for results below…
Running Opera browser, 5 tabs open, including a 4K Youtube playing in full screen on a 1080p display, varies .39A to .53A, but averages about .40A. Loading a content rich webpage like khadas.com/shop or a shopping website can see current briefly go up to about .75A, then settle back to above. Continuous scrolling or continuous Page Up/Down on khadas.com/shop averages .45A
Running QuickEdit text editor, typically under .35A(.25A WiFi off) when typing, selecting all on a large paragraph can briefly go up to .43A

Sorry, I am only casually familiar with Python, so can’t help there.

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Were all the readings at 5 volts power ?

If possible could you get me a few pics of the readings ? :slight_smile:

About 5.35v during all tests. As previously stated, test was with the Khadas 10W USB 5v power supply.
I can take some pictures, but 5.35v was displayed throughout.

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