Power adapter no longer working

Having issues with power adapter.

I was able to use the power adapter with Khadas for nearly a full day, and then it went to sleep at night. I woke up and the dock was not responsive. I plugged in everything directly to mind and saw that it wasn’t being charged.

I was able to use another usb-c power supply saw power being supplied. I used the original khadas adapter (in different outlets) to try and charge other usb c devices like a mouse and headset, but it did not charge.

Note: Had a lot of issues trying to recover both dock and mind from the power failure as I was getting no response from power button or keyboard. To get both operational again - plug in a working power adapter into undocked Mind and then press and hold power button for at least 10 seconds, until you see the LED change to green for a few seconds. Wait about 30 more seconds after and then the screen should start working and mouse input as well. Once it’s working on the mind, dock it and everything should start working normally again. Hope this helps someone.


Thank you very much for your support of our product.
The development team has received your feedback, and we will investigate the situation and continue to follow up on this issue.