Poor WiFi Signal with OpenWRT VIM3L

Hi Everybody
I have VIM3L which I am trying use as my wifi router
seems like the WiFi signal is pretty poor so I bought an 8dbi antenna. on aliexpress but its seems like no improvement on this.
I am using 30W adaptive charger so i don’t think its a power issue.

Any ideas?

Hi, can in the OpenWrt settings themselves, select the desired channel

As in WiFi signal do you mean the WiFi range ?
Try placing it in the air off the ground (on the table or something), without obstructions (Metal objects can “shield” the RF), if you can select the WiFi band to connect to, then connect to the 2.4GHz band…

I remember getting good and proper signal quality even at about 30m away… outdoors away from things that might block the signal using stock Khadas antennas…

hmm ,why are you suggesting the old standard? at 5GHz it will be much better!

5GHz is good for speed, but the range is very low…
and is picked up a lot less…

sometimes with good conditions, 2.4GHz WiFi can be detected Upto 250m-300m range (line-of sight), of course with heavy packet loss, and interference…

sometimes old-standards have something that can help alot !

you speak ,as if he will use someone else’s WiFi :laughing:

That would be a felony… buddy :sweat_smile:

thank you guys for your feedback
I did meant WiFi range.
This is my setup, so the antennas are not covered

I choose AC technology in settings
so its looks like this:

when i get out the room the signal almost disappear
next to VIM3L i have another old WiFi Router which its signal much better event outside that room…

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sure WIFI router usually have higher signal level

PS: try another antennas ( may be u can improve it )

Maybe something like this SMA connector antenna ?

lets try! why not :wink:

i will test soon what possible to do from software side

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@hyphop are you planning to make a video again with @tsangyoujun called “Extreme wifi range testing” ???

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Here I think the law is, if the network is open and unsecured, you can use it. Of course, using it for criminal reasons is still unlawful. It is just one of the many reasons I recommend to all of my family and contacts, SECURE YOUR NETWORK!!! :laughing:

One of the local ISPs installs their user’s equipment open…that’s a shame.

a.k.a your local starbucks wifi network :joy:
but really,

I’m sure people nowadays have common knowledge to put a wifi password on their network node because this is the age of Information,
where privacy and security is a priceless commodity…

No less than 3 I can see are open within 250m from here on our road. All residences I presume. You may be giving people too much credit. Sometimes common knowledge is not all that common at all.:grin:
Residence or Starbucks, if it is open it is open.

just saying, it could also be a wifi phishing attack :sweat:
I’ve seen stuff like this in my cyber security training, and it is not normal…

I’ve always wanted to try this! Maybe we can get our Wi-Fi from Hong Kong! @hyphop :smile:



Be interested in the latency if you do. :grin:

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Great Idea, and nice testing experience…

But I think we went off the point and forgot @jonbc-vim’s actual problem :sweat_smile:

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and where to attach this mast?