Poor bluetooth performance in Android

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?


Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Khadas official - latest build

Please describe your issue below:

Bluetooth performance seems very poor. I have been using a bluetooth keyboard and trackpad which is very laggy to the point of being unuseable. I have also tried to attach an Ipega controller. The controller works perfectly with my android phone. With the Edge2, it either won’t display as an available device, won’t pair or will say it’s paired but won’t do anything or immediately disconnect.

You can connect the bluetooth antenna to Edge2, which can enhance the signal

I have the ARM PC. I presume the antenna is installed in the case?


The position of the bluetooth antenna is in the red box as shown in the figure below

@Sinky We verified and tested the Bluetooth keyboard and found no problems. What version of firmware are you currently using? Can you record a video to see what you said?

I have similar issues on my Khadas Edge2 Arm Pc. I have installed latest android build and experiencing huge lags and random disconnects on my both DualShock 4 gamepads. They work perfectly tho on my phone which is Huawei p30 pro. Any ideas?

@Bogumil Can you capture Logcat and analyze it for us?

I discovered that the reason of lagging was the bluetooth range. When I sit next to edge pads work perfectly and when I move 2 meters away on the couch problems start to occur. How can I extend the range? After all it would be nice to play some Playstation 2 games sitting on the couch, wouldn’t it? :wink::video_game:


  1. Attention should be paid to removing obstacles
    The obstruction of obstacles has a significant impact on the wireless transmission of low-power Bluetooth modules.
    The low-power Bluetooth module transmits light propagation in a straight line through wireless electromagnetic waves in the air. When using low-power Bluetooth modules, the biggest obstacle is metal, including building walls with steel mesh, mountains, trees, and other objects that hinder the straight propagation of light. These obstacles not only block wireless transmission signals, but also absorb the electromagnetic energy: weak current flows away. If there are many obstacles in the opposite direction of transmission and reception, the signal transmitted by the low-power Bluetooth module has almost no possibility of penetration, and even if it can penetrate, the signal is still very weak.

  2. Position adjustment of low-power Bluetooth module
    Adjust the position of the low-power Bluetooth module, such as offset and height, so that the wireless transmission distance of the low-power Bluetooth module can be achieved further. To achieve good transmission performance in low-power Bluetooth modules, it is necessary to select the appropriate antenna placement position. The placement position can be slightly higher, and it is best to place both sides at high altitudes as much as possible. Otherwise, one side can radiate in a higher direction, reducing obstacles and minimizing blind spots in the signal to achieve a longer transmission distance; The low-power Bluetooth module is connected to the antenna and placed on the same horizontal plane, so the sensing surface for signal transmission and reception is large, and the transmission distance is also longer.

Can you make adjustments based on the two points mentioned above to see if there are any improvements? Also, could you take a photo to check the WiFi Bluetooth antenna on the board?

I elevated the whole thing by 30 cm and removed side walls (it was placed in a cavern below tv). Now it is straight in front of tv, 2 meters from gamepad and with no obstacles - works slightly better but still not there yet. I also opened edge2 in search for antenna but couldn’t find anything like that (don’t know where to look).

Any other ideas?

@Bogumil At present, the problem still lies in the WiFi Bluetooth antenna. Would you like to place the two antennas like the one shown in the picture and verify if there is any improvement?
Is your WiFi Bluetooth antenna provided by us?

Yes, it appears that antennas are installed and integrated with cooling system.

@Bogumil anyupdate?

As the picture above shows the antenna is installed. The support team instructed me to try out a Bluetooth 4.0 device which I am curently looking for. For now, with elevated Edge2 the bluetooth signal is a bit stronger but stutters from time to time + having input lag (no matter what distance from th device)

@Bogumil Yes, we verify that the antenna is arranged as shown in the above picture, and the signal will be better. Additionally, this is also related to the performance of Bluetooth devices. We verify various Bluetooth earphone devices. Most of them are fine. But there is a Bluetooth earphone with poor performance that shows intermittent issues on both our edge2 and mobile phones. However, the phone will be further away because the antenna design of the phone itself will be much better.