Please recommend a 7" HDMI LCD touch screen for VIM3L

I am using the TS050 and it is too small for use in my car. I really need a larger touch screen and if anyone can recommend one I would be appreciative.


NOK 285.78 | 7-дюймовый комплект для сборки Carpc, HDMI 1024*600, высокое разрешение, HSD070IFW1, Реверсивный призматический мулт, сенсорный, поддержка Raspberry Pi, Android

Agree, I find the TS050 too small if Khadas did an 7" that would be amazing. As Vadimka linked any 7" with at least 1024x600 will look good (800x480 may be too low), from there you have also 1920x1200. Look for capacitive touchscreens better than resistive ones.

I have one like this one and it works fine, everything looks sharp. But on Aliexpress you’ll probably find them for cheaper than in Amazon

that’s just another Waveshare copy… seems like that LCD module/model is super easy to replicate

Thank you for replying. Was the touch screen in your link a plug and play with your KHADAS board? If so which board are you using?

I’m not skilled in making PCB’s or programming so I need a simple solution.


Спаси́бо за сове́т Vadimka-skok.

I have a 6.5-inch display and it works great, it has a capacitive sensor, use it with vim 3

Thanks for the reply. Would you please post a link to the display you are using?

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Thanks for the reply but the screen you linked to is no longer available. I checked around the Internet but could not find it for sale anywhere. Do you know of another source?

I noticed this too, I bought 6.5 inches but the description is now 7 inches

Thanks for all the replies and help with this question. I bought the Longruner 7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen, plugged it in and BAM! it worked.