Please confirm that I can use Tone Board with VIM3 playing music files from Micro SD card using RCA outputs?

I am going to order a Tone Board to use with my VIM3 Basic and I want to confirm that I will be able to play files from the Micro SD card on the VIM3 and output through the Tone Board to the RCA jacks.

EDIT: Looking at this graphic from the Tone Board user manual it looks like I can do what I am asking about but confirmation would be nice.ToneboardConnectionVIMs

Thanks for any info.

Yes, can and you can also use the SSD for the storage.

Have fun!

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Thanks Gouwa.

I just ordered my Tone Board and I’m looking forward to getting it set up.

I have a similar question, but I will use Khadas VIM3 Pro with CoreELEC and connect a Tom Board VIM version, playing songs through CoreELEC will I have a signal on the analog L / R?

If I am not playing anything on the VIM3 Board and I put a coaxial SPDif input signal, will I have a signal on the analog L / R from coaxial input?

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Hi ,welcome! there should be no problems with Coreelec, there in the “audio output” section you can choose ToneBoard or any other options



Thank you,

One more question, using Tone Board connected with VIM3 Board through GPIO, will the power come from the VIM3 Board? Can I then use USB-C as an audio input?

Yes,the original power supply for vim3 will be enough.

yes, it serves to capture audio,to output sound only spdif and rca


да все работает заказывай только со впаянным раземом
при таком подключении увеличится нагрев вим

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any success with your project??

what is maximum nvme ssd size??


The limitation is the capacity of your SSD that you can buy :slight_smile:

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Ok … so the vim board will see whatever size drive the nvme socket can handle … perfect.

So now i have to confirm that operating system (volumio) will see drive as well

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