Play video smooth ? fast system ? change resolution ? Pi3 is better


i have khadas vim 2g/16G. But i can’t use it normally with ubuntu mate firmware. My raspberry pi3 is better.

  • Can’t playing smooth video (mkv, avi, youtube…)
  • the system is not fast.
  • Can’t change resolution.

Do you have tweak or advice for this problem ? For the moment i’m dissapointing compare to my PI3…

thank you

Hi gandolfi,

The official ubuntu image doesn’t have hardware acceleration now. But you can use @balbes150’s Armbian images here. balbes150 has built a lot of excellent images with KODI hardware acceleration.


hi numbqq. I have tested armbian images but network and wifi don’t work.

what armbian image should I choose ?

  • Armbian_5.32_S9xxx_Debian_jessie_3.14.29_xfce_20170907.img.xz
  • Armbian_5.32_S905X_S912_Ubuntu_xenial_4.9.26_mate_20170823.img.xz…


Which firmware did you use?


What firmware in VIM in eMMC ? Added file “dtb.img” from kvim.dtb in the first section of the media ? To enable WiFi to add line to the file /etc/modules with the module name (wifi_dummy or dhd). On the model VIM Pro (2\16) wired network and Wifi does work.


i use last official khadas firmware image “linux ubuntu mate” on EMMC.

I have add vim.dtb from dtb folder to root of sdcard. i rename it “dtb.img”. It’s not the good method ?

Hi, i have the same issue with Khadas VIM2 MAX (3GB/64GB). I installed VIM2_DualOS_Nougat_Ubuntu-16.04_V170818. On Android video playing smooth (Youtube, IPTV from my local IPT multicast over IPTV app, etc). In Ubuntu trying Kodi, VLC and can’t playing smooth video. Big lag in Youtube by Chromium, Firefox. I’m disappointed with the device because for me it’s only possible to surf the web through Ubuntu. For whom is the official Ubuntu firmware if almost nothing can be done with it?

hi. It’s a big problem in order to use khadas vim with linux (smooth video and internet with youtube or other)

the raspberry pi 3 can play full hd fullscreen video with omxplayer.

For me Khadas VIM1 plays everything fine by using @kszaq LibreELEC on microSD…

with librelec can you use desktop of ubuntu (libreoffice, web browser…) ?