Planning to buy VIM3 Pro, need advise for accessories purchase

EDIT: As a solution, just mentioning here for new users, i went with purchase of below 5 things to complete my setup.
Vim3 pro
passive sink vim
Khadas 24w charger
Diy case with plate
Heat pad for plate definitely buy this, it gets hot too quick

Hi All,

I am planning to buy VIM3 Pro (4gb) and below is my shopping cart:

  1. VIM3 PRO Board
  2. Passive Heatsink (VIM1,2,3,3L)
  3. RTC Battery

I have spare HDMI cable at home, and a 18W QC charger with type-C cable. Do you guys think i need to buy anything else which can be a problem if i miss it? Like maybe the case is really necessary or not?

I plan to use the board as a mini desktop with Linux (Ubuntu or Armbian or Manjaro) and want to buy whatever is necessary for such setup. I will really appreciate any help from you guys, Thanks.


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Hello and welcome! Can you give the full specifications for your power supply? vim3 pro requires a 12 Volt 2 Amp power supply.

I have a QualCom QuickCharge charger with below specs:

Output: 5V/2.5A or 9V/2A or 12V/1.5A

Hello, I am not sure the VIM3 can take advantage of a QC type charger. I believe a PD type of power supply like the Khadas 24W is used to communicate with the VIM3.

A case is optional, however, an uncased VIM3 is an unprotected VIM3. Vulnerable to foreign object damage or short circuit. Whether you get a case or not, it would be wise to provide some type of protection. If budget is a concern, the clear case without the metal plate is less expensive.

As you can see, there is a discrepancy in the parameters. :man_shrugging:t3:

Problems may arise, I suggest you purchase a power supply from Khadas.

As for the case, for different systems under Linux, you need to cool the processor well, it is better to take a case with a metal plate and a thermal pad for it.

In general, your choice is excellent, congratulations!

Thank you for your very fast replies. One last thing, is VIM3 a safe to purchase right now or wait 2 or 3 months for maybe RK3588 board?

I am worried that the new board might be more costly, will not have proper software for maybe 1 year and VIM3 is a mature product so i will face less bugs and issues in my day to day use. Is VIM3 future proof for next few years as a mini desktop PC? And will khadas actively support VIM3 software/hardware/kernel in the next couple of years?

Thanks again.

Yes, this processor is for the future, and so far nothing is completely known what kind of beast it will be, but yes, it will be powerful.
As for vim3, there is already a lot of information on the forum on the A311D processor, you can find by searching the forum the information you are interested in.
I think Khadas has very high quality boards, again this is my opinion. Feel free to buy vim3 pro and I am sure you will not regret it!
Good luck to you!

@Yasir_Javed the RK3588 release is closer than you would expect, but the time it would take after release for khadas to create prototypes, make the final SBC and release the product would take a few months as well, but that isn’t the final case,

after that if you need linux, you will have to wait for a while for the mainline linux support to be added, after which we need to wait for panfrost driver support, etc.

I have minimal experience with the rockchip side of things, but from the VIM3 point of view, it has been quite a while (almost 1.5 years) for us to obtain the most usable point for desktop grade linux performance.

so, if you are in urgent need of desktop linux, VIM3 pro is definitely a solid buy, and if you can wait for about 1-2 years, you can stick to the RK3588 :slightly_smiling_face:

This is such a helpful answer, I appreciate.

For the longest time, I was stuck between rock pi 4c and raspberry pi4 but when I found khadas vim, I was blown away by the specs and such an option of softwares both Android and Linux.

The only thing I see missing is official support from armbian from their website and probably I haven’t seen any chromium os builds for vim. Other than that this board is great great value.

Placed my order today (VIM3 PRO, Passive Sink, DIY Case, 24W Khadas Charger, Metal Plate+Pad)…
Hoping to receive it soon and have some fun with this great great board.


A nice setup, I think you will be happy.
The time period between “Buy Now” and delivery day, is known as “agony time” to me, doesn’t matter if it is 24hrs or a matter of weeks. I hope it goes quickly for you. :smile:

I thought LONG and HARD for this SBC… My 10 year old laptop recently died (HP G62) and i was planning to buy a used/cheap laptop with a little bit good performance to serve my needs.

Then i thought about raspberry pi and tried to think of using it. It was crap, specifcations, performance, i/o everything is crap… just more publicity.

Then i finally reached RockPi4C by radxa and was almost going to order it but stumbled upon Khadas VIM on youtube channel ETAPRIME and ExplainingComputers… Ever since seeing the khadas board in reviews, i could not see back towards others… Only Odroid N2+ seemed to come close but it has many more drawbacks and does not look as premium as khadas… The only downside to khadas i found was no armbian official support, but even that i found a unified armbian for it. So my decision was final and now i have purchased it.

Hoping to have a good couple of years of great performance and linux experience. I mostly do browsing, torrenting and little bit of android development.

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Congratulations! I also always form my orders on AliExpress, and I like to place orders there more, because in my case it comes out free shipping and without any commission, it’s very convenient!

Its been 12 days and you were right… it’s really agony time :sob:

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Hang in there. It is said of anticipation… Better than the moment, better than the memory. So cherish this time. :grin:
Seriously though, I hope it arrives soon.


18 days and the tracking information page is stuck with no progress. Last info is EDI received from my country post office.

I’m refreshing the page every day multiple times like crazy. :cry:

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Starting to think we might be related.
Well, at least there is no toll for each refresh, otherwise you might have to mortgage the house soon. LOL

Seriously though, I hope today is the day the agony ends and the good times begin.:+1:

6 more days (total 24) and tracking is stuck. I hope my parcel is fine. :cry:

Hi, be patient, I also always have different times, a lot depends on the delivery in your country. From China, as a rule, the package leaves quickly to your country.:slightly_smiling_face:

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It has reached my country and currently with Customs department. Hopefully there is no additional tax and i receive it in few days. Very excited… :sweat_smile: