Pinctrl registration in device tree

I am working on khadas edge V with SDK version of 9.0. I want to register one GPIO(from 40 pin gpio header) as an interrupt pin.
I am sharing my way of doing it.

interrupt_pin : interrupt_pin
rockchip,pin = <1 50 RK_FUNC_GPIO &pcfg_pull_up>; /* GPIO1_C2 */

But I am getting an error of pinctrl registration.

So, What is wrong here? Am I missing anything?

Please provide the specific GPIO port? Your specific modification? Wrong log?


I am using GPIO1_C2 from 40 pin gpio header. I want to use that gpio as an interrupt pin. So I am trying to register that gpio pin as an interrupt pin from my dts file.

I created this node in my pinctrl section:

&pinctrl {
interrupt: {
interrupt_irq: interrupt_irq {
rockchip,pins = <1 50 RK_FUNC_GPIO &pcfg_pull_up>; /* GPIO1_C2*/

Wrong Log:

/pinctrl/interrupt/interrupt_irq not registered here


rockchip,pins = <1 18 RK_FUNC_GPIO &pcfg_pull_up>; /* GPIO1_C2*/



Still getting the same error after changing the pin number.
I think it has nothing to do with pin number. Is there something else which we are missing?