Phone IR blaster usage with Vim 3 Pro (VIM3 IR Module HELP)

Hi Guys,

I have a Xiaomi MI6 phone which has an in-built IR blaster and Mi Remote app with various options. I was wondering if i can somehow use my phone with Vim3 IR receiver, is there any way possible? There are a lot of TV, devices and pre-built models available in the Mi Remote App however some i tried dont seem to send any command to the Vim.

Is there a famous TV brand which is having similar IR receiver like VIM3 pro which i can try and use and maybe it works?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

There is an rc-khadas keymap in the upstream Linux kernel device-tree for the VIM3 board to work with the simple IR remote that Khadas sells to perform basic navigation tasks. The Khadas remote is a simple NEC protocol device. Here’s a copy of the keymap in toml format (taken from LibreELEC):

VIM3:~ # cat /usr/lib/udev/rc_keymaps/khadas.toml
# Generated with from drivers/media/rc/keymaps/rc-khadas.c
name = "khadas"
protocol = "nec"
variant = "nec"
0x14 = "KEY_POWER"
0x03 = "KEY_UP"
0x02 = "KEY_DOWN"
0x0e = "KEY_LEFT"
0x1a = "KEY_RIGHT"
0x07 = "KEY_OK"
0x01 = "KEY_BACK"
0x5b = "KEY_MUTE"
0x13 = "KEY_MENU"
0x48 = "KEY_HOME"

If you map you blaster app to send the same NEC keycodes you can control the device. If you want to do more; create your own keymap (read up on v4l-utils) with more keycodes and override the default in-kernel one. They key point is … you can configure the app to minic the Khadas remote. You can also configure the VIM3 to understand any NEC codes that the app sends. Something similar will be possible if you are using Linux 4.9 vendor kernels (but I don’t use those so can’t give advice).

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