Pause CPU-heavy apps that lose focus

Hello fellow Adventurers,

For many years I have been unhappy with browser that uses 15-99% of a CPU core while doing no useful function.

I made my own script to pause browser with SIGSTOP when it loses window focus, but the solution was not elegant.

Now developer ‘uvos’ has taken the idea and made a solid application to pause processes (specified by user) when they lose window focus.

You can get .debs and source here

Compile or install the .deb matching your host architecture. Then invoke sigstoped. It reads a textfile in ~/.config/sigstoped/blacklist. It will pause processes matching the names listed in blacklist.

It is new, but I have reviewed the code and it looks fine. And it works for me. Finally happy cool computer.

Thanks to Uvos!

[Edit] Process continues for 10 seconds, set in argpopt.h:26: int timeoutSecs = 10;

This allows opening a new webpage, switching to terminal or other app while you wait for it to load. If you need more than 10 seconds, increase timeoutSecs.