Passive heat sink missing from AliExpress store

Hi khadas team,

I had added vim3 passive heat sink in my shopping cart on Ali express and about to place order however it shows out of stock. Can you please help when will it come back in stock?

Fan + heat sink is too expensive for me, i want to use passive heat sink plus bottom metal plate and diy case. Will appreciate your early response, thanks.


Sorry, I took the last ones there at that moment, maybe they will appear later, they periodically replenish.

Available for fan only

761,26 руб. | Радиатор Khadas для серии Vim & Edge-V

:sob: that’s sad. Guess I’ll have to wait a few days. I almost placed the order but was searching for alternative pd charger but in the end khadas charger was the best option but then this happens. My heat sink gone. :sob:

There is a heatsink for a fan, the difference in cooling with a heatsink without a fan is not big, they are in stock on AliExpress.

Don’t worry so much :slightly_smiling_face:

You mean i buy the fan compatible heat sink for vim but use without fan and use it as passive heat sink?

Yes, that’s right, it will suit you as well, I also did not notice a big difference in cooling, I have both radiators, I tested them.

Ok, maybe that’s ok.

On the bright side, I will still have option to add a fan in future if i want to…

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Yes, you are 100% right, good luck!

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passive sink is back in store… khadas team is so fast…wow. :laughing:

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