Overclocking A311D (A-53+A73) more than 2.2+2.4 GHz

Im just got my VIM3 basic and overclocked it to 2.2 and 2.4 GHz (little and big core) via the standard Ubuntu CPU frequency setting app. Im wondering, how can I overclock it more? Because the max A73 (big cores) freq is 2.8 GHz
I didn’t find any information about it around the internet, unfortunately
Maybe, someone did that?
Thanks a lot for any useful information in answers!

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Hello! yes, there were tests from Khadas, you can get acquainted :+1:


Спасибо, Вова, за быстрый ответ)
2.2 плюс 2.4 ггц я уже сделал, в том и дело, они ставятся в один клик приложением, я имел ввиду значения больше этих)
Но, судя по этому топику - убунту больше не позволит(

Thanks for the quick answer) I already got 2.2+2.4 GHz overclocked, but wondering about more powerful OC, but according to this topic, Ubuntu willn`t allow me to boot with any more powerful OC(

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Извини ,не заметил ,я просто не видел больших результатов на форуме :man_shrugging:t3:

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@Anatrop the chip won’t allow for a higher overclock than 2.4Ghz due to power limitations, and frequency limitations of the chip…

I think it is possible only after you unlock it from the bootloader.
Which is nearly impossible until you get the source from amlogic.

That’s what i understand from the amlogic blobs used to compile mainline kernel.

I doubt even if it was unlocked it could go anywhere above 24 - 2.5 GHz as the CPU is already at its power limits, and if it was actually locked in the bootloader, Amlogic must be out of their minds to bottleneck their own flagship SoC… :confused:

The A-73 can run at 2.8 GHz separately, but yes, at 2.4 GHz with heatsink + fan on max speed and -10°C around the SoC, it already has 68-72°C

Up to 2.8GHz means that if you make a SoC and put 1x A-73 in it, use the right process, and you get everything else about the chip and system it goes into right, then 2.8 GHz is possible. As soon as a SoC vendor starts stuffing more of these cores into their SoC the lower the max clock is going to be. Other design consideration besides core count can also effect the max clock speed the A-73 core will reach as well.

For a SoC that has the core layout and other aspects of the A311D, being able to hit 2.4Ghz and keep the temps sane will be the best you can hope for.

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