OS08A Camera cable breaks. What are our options

We would like to have a version of the OS08A-10 camera cable that is shorter than the default one. We would also like it to be through 180 degrees so that the camera is on top of the VIM3 board. (to make a device with a small footprint)
Is this possible?

How many would we need to buy?

We need this because the existing cable breaks within a week or 2 if we mount the camera above the board heatsink.

How does it break? Did you give it a bend while using it?

Yes, as I said, we need to mount the camera over the heatsink - this bends the flexible cable through 180degrees (as indicated above). It seems that isn’t possible with this cable (We have done exactly this with raspi and other camera cables with no problem).

We now have 3 dead cameras - so it is definitely repeatable - but I can’t see the break even under magnification.

You can contact our sales personnel. They will provide you with a professional response.

Thanks - can you please tell me the best email address for your sales personnel ?

Thank you.


Hi Tim. Sorry for the inconvenience lead. Please feel free to send an email to support@khadas.com with more details about your issue and order info. Many thanks.