Order case on Amazon

The cases on the linked web page from the Khadas store on Amazon. They look like the DIY cases for the Edge-V Pro listed on the ordering page of Khadas’ own website and I’d like to know if they are the same. I’d prefer to order from Amazon instead of using PayPal as a payment method.


Thank you for reaching out. Yes. They are the same. But it’s basically designed for VIM1 series SBC not Edge-V. If you want to use the case on Edge-V Pro, DIY-Modification will be needed - You have to cut a slot for the second USB-C port on the bottom. Hope this helps and have a good day ahead.

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Do the DIY cases come with perforations of some sort?

May I know what kind of perforations do you mean?

Cuts or indents in the case that make it easier to cut out a non-sloppy hole.

I’m afraid no :sweat_smile: It may take some efforts to cut out a non-sloppy hole.

Is the case for the Edge-V available on Amazon?

I’m sorry that there is no DIY case compatible for Edge-V yet.