Options to flash u-boot.bin.signed in eMMC

What are the possible options to flash the u-boot.bin.signed image ONLY in the eMMC storage assuming that I don’t have REE OS (Linux) to be installed?
I guess, TFTP can be used as well as installing from the USB flash or SD card from the previously installed Uboot but I didn’t find “reliable” information about that.

Check here: u-boot/kvim1s.h at khadas-vims-v2019.01 · khadas/u-boot · GitHub

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Nice! Looks like it should work. I will check a bit later. Currently, I am trying to resolve the UART problem as the VIM1S has too high speed 921600 for my UART adapter. I verified by the logic analyzer that the data passed to the TX port are correct.

Well… I found even better option to load u-boot.bin.signed from the fat32 flash drive and then flash it from the RAM.

usb start
fatload usb 0 1080000 u-boot.bin.signed
store boot_write bootloader 0x1080000 0x303000

And, I guess, there is another option to replace uboot only via fastboot.

You can download from network or just from the storage, it doesn’t matter.

Not sure whether fastboot works for linux u-boot. :slightly_smiling_face: