Option to change input source priority to COAX

Hi there,

My audio system consists of two sources (1) Squeezebox Touch with EDO plugin and (2) Optical->COAX both into the Tone Board. Audio from both works fine and music from both sources through the tone board sound amazing. My only unfortunate issue is that the Squeezebox Touch has a habit of exclusively locking the Khadas USB port and hence does not allow music coming in through the COAX even when no music is playing on the Touch.

As USB is the priority input source, the only way to play music via the COAX is to physically unplug the USB and power via a USB-PD source :frowning:

Not sure if it is at all possible but would be great if there was a way to change the input priority on the Tone Board (i.e. give priority to COAX instead of USB)?

Thanks for any replies or advice.

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Hello! try to use usb as a power source only, but coax as the main input for TB, so you will distribute the assignment for each connector

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Hi Vladimir, thank you for responding.

Unfortunately, I am hoping to use the Tone Board with two input sources (usb and coax) but have a need to change the priority from the usb (default setup) to coax. Would you know if that is at all possible? Thanks.

Let’s say, if you had a vim board (as a power supply for TB), then I fully admit your scenario. Here you need to understand from which device you will take control of TB :thinking:
By the way, if you also have a vim board, then theoretically you will have 3 sources.
And in fact, what turns out, the source that is needed, we leave it on, and those that are not needed are turned off.

Hi Vladimir, thank you again for the prompt reply.

I am only using the Tone board as a standalone DAC (without VIM) and have only two sources.
Unfortunately, one for the sources (Squeezebox Touch connected via USB) holds on to the USB even when it is placed in standby (via remote).

In this case, I suggest you separate the power supply through the pins of the board according to the circuit, and then I think it will be easier to control your sources.

I no longer have Squeezebox to test out. However, my Archive linux has no problem to switch between coax or usb. Do you have the last version of Squeezebox? I may setup a quick one tomorrow to try out.

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Thanks for the Vladimir. How can I go about separating the power supply? Split the USB power using a Y-splitter?

Hi Alashikita for responding and helping to test the Squeezebox.
I am using the old Squeezebox Touch from Logitech (hardware version).

Hello ! I hope Alashikita can test your script for you! Good luck to you!

See you

My bad I only have Squeezebox, not Squeezebox Touch. By the way, I assume you have EDO v0.8? and set digital only?

With the EDO installed
Settings > Audio Settings >Digital Output > Digital Only

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Existing ROMs with the USB IN as higher priority and will auto switch to Coaxial IN if there there is no song play on USB.

It must change ROM for that, or some other way as @slyx101 suggest :wink: