Optiga Trust M security chip - Add support in VIM3L (I2C)


I have build an custom (LXDE) image using fenix tool for VIM3L.

I would like to add a stack of Optiga Trust M security IC (IC for hardware enc/dec). the stack is in the link. its C file.

My question is can we add this stack in fenix script to build image with added stack of this Optiga IC in kernel and rootfs files. (interface is I2C). (something like build in yocto)

If something else can you guide how to do, and moreover what possible features are there in fenix build, I mean how many things/features that we can add/customize using fenix script for custom image.

Any guidance or some docs would be very helpful.

Thank You.

Any suggestion on this !!!

@numbqq can you give some advice here!!!