OpenWRT WIFI does not work on VIM2

OpenWRT Image name: khadas-openwrt-servers-last.emmc.kresq
Krescue Image name:

After successfully installing OpenWRT onto the eMMc storage using Krescue, OpenWRT boots up to the command line. However, ifconfig shows that there is no wireless device. Ethernet and USB-bridge are present and up. I can run updates and package installations using opkg proving that there is internet connectivity. However, there is no openwrt host present on the wifi.

Nmap detects the VIM2 device on my LAN and indicates that all ports are closed. No SSH and HTTP services are detected.

I have closely followed the YouTube installation instructions “OpenWrt on VIM - Turbocharged Wi-Fi Router & NAS.” I successfully repeated each step up to the rebooting after installation. But after that there is no wifi signal and no web page with OpenWRT settings. I also searched the OpenWRT manual and forums for solutions to this problem but could not find any.

Does anyone have a solution?