OpenWRT Preformance on VIM3\2

Hi everybody,
I am considering use vim3 as a wireless access point at home.
maybe even add an M2X Extension for m.2 ssd storage and use it as a file server in addition
Was wondering if anybody can share a feedback about using VIM3\2 with OpenWRT as a wireless outer\access point with multiple devices about 4-5


I have used it ,
and the performance was solid, I had 3 devices connected to It and gave very good WiFi bandwidth,
my only concern is that it is a waste of the overall processing power of the VIM3,
The VIM3 can do much more than just be a small WIFi router. I would rather look Elsewhere as it not worth the money to use it that way.

Nevertheless it does the Job.

extreme fast VPNs or GYGABITE networks media storage (samba nfsd) its good example of usages

PS: im using VIMx devices as wifi + vpn + networks storages every day (at home and work)

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in that case it is more suitable for such intensive Tasks,
it would provide seamless operation.
Good example @hyphop :smile:

Thank you very much guys for feedback @hyphop
@Electr1, I guess VIM3L might be enough, consider the fact that I want to use it also as a file server

Also I like to ask if you may share,

  1. What speed should I expect use it as WiFi Access Point?
  2. Dose VIM3\3L support mesh WiFi mode?

these questions can be answered if you take a look at the Wifi chipset present on the device itself,
those numbers however might be slightly deviated from the real life Speed you will get but is a good estimate.

just search for “AP6398S” online and you will get some info :slight_smile: