Opening up Mali T720 and T820 GPU


So this means Vim2 is getting a better graphic driver?
Can someone help me to bridge the gap between this and Wayland or X? I’m having a hard time figuring out all these driver staff.

Looking forward to having that for VIM3!

Experimental Panfrost GLES 3.0 support has landed in Mesa


good news about wayland & firefox hardware acceleration

All those pieces are tied together in recent nightly where we finally have full WebGL support on Wayland and it will be shipped as Firefox 75. If you run Fedora/Gnome you can try it by yourself. Just grab latest nightly from Mozilla, [enable HW acceleration]
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(, set widget.wayland-dmabuf-webgl.enabled to true at about:config , restart browser and open your favorite WebGL application like or WebGL samples.

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