OpenFaaS Server

Has anyone tried setting up OpenFaaS on the Vim3(L). I don’t see why it wont work. I am in the process of trying to stand it up on the Debian Buster Minimal V0.9.4 (200928).

I am still learning but wondering if it would be possible to leverage the NPU for some of the deployed functions.

I managed to install golang and other dependencies to help me build containerd and get it installed. I also managed to installed faasd but running into an issue where it will not fork because I need some form of bridging support enabled that works with CNI.

I am falling short when trying to modprobe “br_netfilter” which is missing … this might be because i chose the minimal package unknowingly. I will backup the image and try the other one to see if that helps.

So I flashed the emmc with ubuntu server focal (V0.9-20200530) as the issue might be a result of trying to be too bleeding edge. The developer for OpenFaaS suggested the use of Ubuntu v20 which is codenamed focal so here goes again.

Finally got OpenFaaS running. Some of the steps seemed a little vauge and was jumping between Youtube videos and older versions of the guide posted. I also had to struggle with stale files from the first try getting in the way.

But basically you drive the installation from your Laptop/Desktop using a linux shell (i used WSL) to generate an SSH key on your Laptop/Desktop which you then copy to the Khadas system using ‘ssh-copy-id’.

Then you install arkade which is used to download k3sup and remotely install k3s to the khadas box. Once the node is up and running then you can use arkade to deploy openfaas to the k3s cluster.

I am missing some steps like needing to export values to variables to help the process work.

here is the main guide i followed. If anyone needs help let me know.

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