Open Vision Enigma2 build for VIM devices

Open Vision have released a build of Enigma2 for VIM devices. The forum says it’s built for VIM2 however someone said it may boot on VIM1.

Start testing the STB software. Enigma2 and Android dual boot would be awesome.

Forums are here:


I installed the image on the SD card, booting and feeling the keyboard, the image remains black even though the monitor does not go into standby …
I have no control.

can you access webif by typing your VIM IP? I’m not sure if its enabled by default.

I will try, I do not have a remote control, does it work?

I mention that the board is vim2 max

It works with the web interface, with virtual remote there are entries in the menu and is seen as wetek, ftp works, telnet not.
I do not know if the tuner works …

The tuner scans and runs USALS. I tested on two satellites and when the reboot is deactivated, the stream does not go to the EPG.
Good luck.:smile:

дайте прошивку для вим2