OOWOW wont start on VIM1S - and wiki is not helping

The button-mode doesn’t work - board starts, LED is permanent white, IP is up and is pingable, but no output on HDMI or web interface on IP.

So I tried doing

Manualy restore OOWOW SPI-Flash firmware

For same cases if OOWOW can’t bootup automaticly or via button shortcut

  • download XXX-oowow-latest-spi-upgrade-sd.img.gz from http://dl.khadas.com/products/oowow/system/
  • write image XXX-oowow-latest-spi-upgrade-sd.img.gz to SD-card
  • boot-up from SD-card and wait upgrade process will be complited
  • remove SD-card and reboot device

But it is so brilliantly worded that it is not really known what to do.

  1. I guessed that contrary to what it says, you do not “write image XXX-oowow-latest-spi-upgrade-sd.img.gz to SD-card”, but you unpack img.gz and then dd resulting .img to SD-card
  2. "boot-up from SD-card " - brilliant, but how do I do that? The only mention of booting from card in the VIM1S wiki is “VIM1S Boot into Upgrade Mode → Bootable TF Card” but I am guessing that’s not it, and it requires Serial connection, which I am also guessing is not needed for restoring OOWOW.

So can someone please explain what do I need to do?

Hi @lockheed, Welcome to the community

You can put your device into upgrade mode this way:

Thanks, but how does “upgrade mode” relate to “booting from sdcard”? I suggest fixing the wording in Wiki because it is not helping.