OOWOW Wizard stuck at searching for internet stage

Hi everyone,

I just purchased a VIM1S, and would like to install Ubuntu on it following the wizard. Everything goes smoothly at the beginning, I set up the wifi and starts to download Ubuntu image. But due to it takes a long time so I pause it and shut it down. The next day I power on VIM1S again, then the OOWOW Wizard stuck at following image. If I click <Continue >, it will come back to this stage again.

I tried go to main menu -> Advanced -> Reset device to default mode, but issue still there. Any ideas?


I switched to cell phone hotspot and it works. The successful setup I mentioned above is also on the hotspot. I thought the issue may caused by my wifi. Mine is Huawei WiFi-6. Not sure if it has anything to do with it.

Hello @hyphop

Please help to check.

try escape to main menu => write image to emmc => …

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Thanks, this helps to skip the network step and directly selecting the image. And network is also working fine with Huawei WiFi 6.