OOWOW VIM1S usb and sd card problem

Hello Khadas Community,

I’m a khadas user since 4 month now and i decided to secure my installation with a dump eMMC backup.
So i boot my VIM1S to OOWOW and try to dump image from eMMC menu but USB key and SD card are never seen. The message is always “Can’t find mounted removable or remote storage”.
Any option i try in the menus don’t allow the khadas to recognise any FAT or exfat usb key or sd card.

I olso seen that my OOWOW version is called BETA 221025.000…
I try to update it with system \ Update system menu but always say “Already up to date”.

I prefer asking to the community before bricking my khadas.
So could you have an idea:

  • how to update to the last version of OOWOW
  • how to be able to deal with my sd cards and usb keys

Remember that my needs is to perform a dump on an usb key ;-).

Thank you for your help.

Hello @starbuck68

Hello @starbuck68

@hyphop please help about this issue.

Thank you @ivan.li.
Could you also tell me how to proceed the update then ?
Sd card and USB key are not recognise.

i continue to looking for a solution to my problem.
I downloaded the vim1s-oowow-230113.000-sd.img.gz then use Etcher to prepare an sd card.

Following the indroduction of the sd card in the sd reader, oowow booted on the sd version: 230113.000.
Anyway, device testing \ usb check info return me again:
2 : /sys/bus/usb/devices/1-1.4:1.0/uevent:DRIVER=usb-storage.

I suppose that it’s my usb stick i plugged on one of my two usb port.
Even this, Dump image from eMMC return me the same message: “Can’t find mounted removable or remote storage.”

I try also in advanced menu \ Mount dumps storage SD/USB but nothing happened.
Format dumps storage USB return: “system fail.”

Could you help me regarding this situation?


tnx for notification will be fixed and improved very soon

BTW: Format USB-flash as oowow dump storage [Khadas Docs]

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