OOWOW no longer accessible

I have a VIM4 that I was trying to upgrade to latest Ubuntu 22.04 image from June 20th.

I was not able to enter OOWOW using Function + Quick Press Reset buttons. Or through 3 rapid press of function button.

I subsequently attempted to upgrade/re-write OOWOW from SD card as indicated in OOWOW documentation and erased EMMC and tried again when the first attempt failed.
Now I get solid white LED and initial fan spin but can not enter OOWOW, an no longer have access to my Ubuntu installation (this is expected). OOWOW upgrade does not run from SD card. And OOWOW will not run from SD card either.

whit shortcuts not for boot oowow

OOWOW using Function + Quick Press Reset buttons.

please check this topic > http://dl.khadas.com/products/oowow/docs/oowow-how-to.md

please provide more detail maybe you have uart and can get some logs

PS: be sure uboot oowow properly hold FUNCTION and short press RESET

I have followed all troubleshooting in the how to with no success.

Hold FUNCTION and short press RESET does not enter OOWOW for me.

@KeysorSozer Please try to boot OOWOW from the SD card, you can follow the steps below.

  • Download latest OOWOW system
$ wget https://dl.khadas.com/firmware/oowow/system/versions/vim4/vim4-oowow-220516.000-sd.img.gz
  • Write OOWOW to SD card
$ gzip -dc vim4-oowow-220516.000-sd.img.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdX
$ sync

NOTE: Please replace the node /dev/sdX with correct one.

  • Insert the SD card to board and reset the board

be careful with /dev/sdX its must be right sd card destination check it by lsscsi

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I used etcher for this with no success. I can try again with DD if you think it will have much difference.

please check sd card content

gzip -dc vim4-oowow-220516.000-sd.img.gz | md5sum
b04873573cd4d33025353a989161d2b4  -

dd count=131072 if=/dev/sdX | md5sum
b04873573cd4d33025353a989161d2b4  -

md5sum must be same for both cases

sfdisk --dump /dev/sdX

label: dos
label-id: 0xe77bd185
device: /dev/sda
unit: sectors

/dev/sda1 : start=        8192, size=      122880, type=e

I’ll give this a go in the morning.

I did have some problems with the card content.
I was eventually able to get a proper image written with matching md5sums.

sfdisk dump also matches expected values.

OOWOW still will not boot, I still seem to get a hang in UBOOT (solid white after fanspin)

Do you have a USB to TTL convertor so you can watch the boot with Minicom?