Oowow d'nt work

Hi, i am newbie on khadas, i tried to boot oowow on my vim2 from sd card
I burn oowow on sd card with balenaetcher
Place sd card on my vim2, push power button, apply power and wait but not load oowow
Help me, please

Welcome them to the community!

It’s the function button one needs to push, see:

I hold function button, then press reset button, then release function button, but not boot oowow, boot android tv from emmc.
I wish boot oowow from sd card to change OS

Dont hold just press both at the same time like a click.
Its meant to restart into oowow this way.

I am also having problems with Oowow, no matter what I try I cannot get it to boot into Oowow. And since I was gonna use my Vim4 as a temporary pc replacement while mine goest to the shop, I need to solve it using a RPI400 or a Visionfive 2. Solution would be installing a deskop os using Oowow or any other means.

Does anyone have suggestions for me?


Hi @hyphop

Please correct the documentation link you shared because it downloads vim2 file for vim3

See below code


curl -L http://dl.khadas.com/products/oowow/system/vim2-oowow-latest-sd.img.gz \ | gzip -dc | dd conv=fsync,notrunc of=/dev/sdX

Says vim2-oowow under vim3 in that link OOWOW How-To [Khadas Docs]



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