Only header supply


Is it possible to let the VIM1S run with a 5V supply to the header without an extra supply?

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I don’t have schematic to look at, sorry.

You apply power only to the input side of the voltage regulator, if the pin you are referring to is downstream of the regulator you are heading for trouble. If it is a down stream connection on the bus it would mean no regulation, no esd protection, could induce a bunch of problems.

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the voltage gpio pins of the VIMs are at the end of the power tree and are only VOUT.
Hence it can’t be used for the purpose of power supply.


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Thats very unhandy. We wanted to plug in the board with the headers, now we have to add an extra connenction to power the board.

Also that would mean the power on Vout is restricted to the power that the khadas can offer.

Is there a way that we can power the board from the GPIO pins? We also need a wide range input so we have to design the powerstage ourselves and everything that gets designed needs ESD protection.

Like with the VIM2 for example this is perfectly possible. This was also possible on the VIM1

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@Dieter maybe you would like to use the VIN port ?


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Thank you for your feedback. SInce you are proposing the VIN port I suppose there is no other option?

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@Dieter yes, by design, there are no other power input options other than the USB-C power port or the VIN port.

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What is the connector that fits on the Vin port?

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@Dieter it’s this part 36920-0400 Molex - Cables and Wire - Distributors, Price Comparison, and Datasheets | Octopart component search

you can also purchase from the shop for your modification:

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Thank you, can this cable handle 2A?

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@Dieter yes it can handle 2A.

Hi @Electr1 Thank you. We will see how we can fix this.

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