Only Android images work on eMMC (Edge-V)

As title says, in my Edge-V only Android works when upgrading the firmware in eMMC. Fenix own builds or your provided Ubuntu eMMC builds don’t work.

Also about SD images, only your provided Ubuntu SD images work, the ones I make with Fenix or Armbian doesn’t work by default. Armbian (SD) works ONLY if I set:


So that makes me think there’s something off maybe in my bootloader?

@jgalt91 Can you try the offical firmware with ubuntu . Do you update you code when you builds the ubuntu firmware yourself ? Which armbian or ubuntu SD images you used ? Can you show the log info when it don’r works.It can help up to solve you problems.

All versions Armbian require correct settings of the DTB. If you are trying to run Armbian without setting up the DTB, it won’t work.

eMMc build gets up well through usb.

Yes I’m using the official firmware you provide for eMMC (the Ubuntu desktop one). Tried Edge_Ubuntu-lxde-bionic_Linux-4.4_arm64_EMMC_V20190116

Both, after upgrading firmware through USB C in Windows stay on red light steady, then white light blinks and reboots (this loop will repeat indefinitely).
I tried erasing flash and uploading firmwares but didn’t work. Android firmware works good.

When my USB - TTL cable arribes I will try to upload a U-boot Fenix compiled and see if it fixes it.

Yes, but the thing is “edgev” was working well for other people with an Edge-V but not working for me, I had to set up “edge” in the DTB that’s why I’m suscpicious there’s something odd in my bootloader.

@jgalt91 Did you use external power supply? This seems to be due to a lack of power supply, which has been restarting all the time.

Sorry for the late answer, I’m still waiting for the USB-TTL cable to try upgrading a new u-boot so didn’t check forum. Yes I’m using a 27W USB C power supply. I haven’t had any problems with it in Raspberry 3 and 4, or Edge-V with the right images (eMMC Android or SD-USB Ubuntu Desktop).

Edit: the power output modes are 5V 3A, 9V 3A, 12V 2.25A, 15V 1.8A, 20V 1.35A. How the PSU selects the appropiate mode, I really don’t know and can’t be chosen.