Online OS Images Unavailable to Boot from EMMC

I have been trying to access the Khadas online images, which before now, I was able to access the entire library of different OS. Is there a time when this will be available again? I’m booting into Krescue with no luck.

I’m doing: Krescue main menu → (3) Image WRITE to… EMMC → (2) downloads/ → (2) check_online_images.list.


Hello @qeleouriel

Which board do you mean?

This is for VIM3 Pro

Hello @hyphop

Please help to check.

please switch from Krescue to OOWOW

The SBC that has Android installed does not boot from USB/SD card. It loops on Khadas boot screen.

On a new board, it worked w/ the same USB drive. Any suggestions?

have some options

  • clean android emmc bootloader
  • press power on boot time
  • flash mainline uboot
  • etc … -)