Onkyo code for the VIM2 LibreELEC?

I have the onkyo 636 receiver and I installed LibreELEC on the VIM2 device
And I want to control it with the receiver remote and for that I need a control code for the receiver remote
Does anyone know the code?

Hello, The following is for the VIM1 remote, but same remote works VIM2.
Hope it helps.
See the post at Freaktab.


Thanks but I did not understand how and what I should do

Can someone please explain to me how I control the remote control?
I have no programming knowledge

Hello, If you are referring to a code like the ones seen here, and here, sorry, I have no idea where one would get a code for the VIM2.

Nice receiver.

The links do not work,
And how the hell can I let the AVR’s control control the VIM2?