Onewire problem

Hello, has anyone succesfully configured onewire on VIM1 ?

I tried armbian, built debian with fenix tool but no success.

Thank you

Hello ,@biroloz

Please refer to the following documents.

hello ivan, the question is with which image?

in armbian is not working
debian built with fenix too

i’m sorry but i am disappointed, even vim1s support is broken, i had to recompile a overlay to get onewire working. now i HAVE to get even uart working, and if you can point me a path to obtain AT LEAST onewire … i will be grateful.

thank you

Hello @biroloz

Which image you used? We suggest you to use the 4.9 kernel image.

Yes, it does work on the original VIM1, we don’t have VIM1S so cannot say anything about that one.