OLED Connector?

I‘m a little Bit confused about the OLED-Connector. What will be displayed when I‘m connecting a Display to this?
Is it connected to the XMOS or just a passthrough from one of VIM‘s i2c interfaces?

Can someone suggest compatible OLED‘s?

Just I2C interface of VIM’s, you can debug an
I2C interface OLED screen via VIMs

Hi, how to connect a 0.96 inch 128X64 OLED display and if you can connect on what type of bus? What can be displayed on it?

You can check the schematic for the details:

As I know, most of the OLED display based on I2C or SPI, so it should works on VIMs.

Have fun!

Thanks in this moment I use it in Coreelec with vfd plugins and it is connected to GPIO pins 21,22,23 and 27. It displays time, date processor temperature, ssd read and other configurable

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