OC A53 2.4GHz A73 2.78GHz


I leave you some results of my OC tests without going over 1029000µV


Stock A53 2.02GHz A73 2.21GHz:

OC A53 2.02GHz A73 2.78GHz:

OC A53 2.2GHz A73 2.78GHz:

OC A53 2.4GHz A73 2.78GHz


Stock A53 2.0GHz A73 2.21GHz

OC A53 2.4GHz A73 2.78GHz

All tests were done with Khadas Vim4 active cooling system


Now we will compare with the N2:


OC A53 2,106GHz A73 2,106GHz

GLMark2 PanFrost OC 1GHz:

CPU Points:

N2 OC: 9812
VIM4 Stock: 11951
VIM4 MAX OC: 14813

GPU Points:

N2 OC + GPU 1GHz Panfrost: 1745
VIM4 Stock + GPU 800MHz Bifrost: 2245
VIM4 MAX OC + GPU 800MHz Bifrost: 2522

CPU VIM4 STOCK vs N2: +21,79% VIM4
CPU VIM4 MAX OC vs N2: +50,96% VIM4
GPU VIM4 STOCK vs N2: +28,65% VIM4
GPU VIM4 MAX OC vs N2: +44,52% VIM4

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If you know how to do OC to gpu tell me please
@Frank @numbqq

Any way to OC the graphics Card? Have changed the freq in the dts but It not work, also have tried to use a low freq than 2,78GHz but the CPU sets 2,4GHz

@Jart25 have you checked here ?

(inside mesont7.dtsi file)

Yep, but editing It dont work me

there is no change in performance ?

Not works, then performance dont change anything always ~2500

Need to check, can you share your modifications?