Obtain the related software package!

I want to get all the related software package of my android vim3. From this link https://doc.amlogic.com/index/index , I could not login! So please tell me the accout or admin to help me get the related package. I bought several vim3 board and could share the order of that for you!


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This is amlogic’s system,we may need permission to log in

Yes, do you know any way or any person to in touch with amlogic’s FAE or someone ?
As you have work with them together for a long time till now.
How can I get the account of the login web, as I have got bought some vim3 boards of amlogic, they should have FAE for us!
I will be gratefull to you!

We also need more information, it would be greatly appreciated.

Amlogic gives access to customers (board manufacturers like Khadas) who have signed their NDAs not end-users (consumers) so you cannot get access to that site. Khadas provides the manufacturer spec sheet for their boards here: https://docs.khadas.com and their GitHub repos Khadas · GitHub have all the software packages needed for booting both vendor and upstream variants of Android and Linux. If you’re looking for something else; you need to be specific about what?

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