Obtain the power consumption info of Edge2 on Ubuntu 22.04

Which system do you use?

Edge2 Pro with Ubuntu 22.04, installed from OOWOW

Hello guys,
Is there a way to obtain the power usage of Edge2 board?
If there is a hardware sensors for that, is there a python module I can use to access the information? Same as we usually use ‘psutil’ for CPU/memory/temperatures.

Thanks in advance!
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Plug-in power monitor at wall tap is easy way to measure electric consumption. No coding, just watch.

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Thanks for the reply, @C_B11.
Yes, of course with power monitor in the wall tap is the easiest way.
However, I use Edge2 as a remotely operated device with battery power.
Usually with my other embedded computers using this setup, I use external board to monitor the power parameters. But Edge2 is more modern and new, so I thought it may be an integrated circuit that does this job for me…

We have used some power management IC’s in the past that have SPI / I2C interface. You would have to do some wiring and just read the SPI / I2C for the information.

I am assuming you are looking for something native to the board, if the edge2 has an ADC you could use that with some additional wiring.

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Thanks @foxsquirrel!
Yes, I am looking for something native, already wired inside in the board.
Using the board’s ADC is a good approach. Edge2 has one in its GPIO header. Using an external IC’s on the other hand, like the i2C INA219, is also a good option, but requires more space and additional power (even small amount) for the IC.
However, if there is something native inside Edge2, would be the best.